Churchill’s Unit Flag

October 27, 2010

Before conservation.

After conservation.

Information on the flag:
  • Captured on April 30, 1864 at the Battle of Jenkins Ferry, Arkansas by the 9th Wisconsin Infantry.
  • It remained “unidentified” and unconserved, in the Wisconsin Veterans Museum.
  • After research, SSG Anthony Rushing, Arkansas Army National Guard History Detachment, determined the flag had to have come from one of the units of Churchill’s Arkansas Division.
  • The Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum agreed with the research and transferred the flag to the Arkansas National Guard Museum in the fall of 2001.
  • In May 2002, the museum received a grant from the Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resource Council to conserve the flag. ┬áConservation was completed in April 2003.
  • The flag is known as a Second National Variant and would have been issued to regiments.
  • Most of the units in Churchill’s Arkansas Division had received their flags shortly before the Red River Campaign and had not had time to add their unit names to the flags.
  • It is made of silk and shows severe deterioration as a result of poor storage.

Churchill’s Division Unit Flag. Arkansas National Guard Museum, Lloyd England Hall – Camp Robinson.

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