The Battle of Wentzville will commemorate the original skirmishes that took place between July 16 & 17, 1861 in Wentzville. The “Battle of Wentzville” is a Sesquicentennial Civil War event. It is an Early War Event. All branches and sutlers are welcome. For more information, go to and hit the tab for the “Battle of Wentzville”. You will find a registration form there.

The event will be held on July 16 & 17, 2011 in Wentzville, Missouri.

Amenities include:
* Sanitary facilities
* Hay for horses
* Straw for bedding
* Drinking water
* Water for horses
* Firewood
Powder rations for early registered artillery
More to come

The weekend will include:
* Battles on Saturday and Sunday
* Period social events to include a dance
* Period religious service
* Other activities still in planning stage

Sutlers are welcome.

The following account of the Battle of Wentzville is based on information compiled by Gerry Matlock, former Wentzville Historical Society President, and from official Federal Government records.

On July 15, 1861, four companies of the 2nd Missouri Infantry and two companies of the 8th Missouri Infantry left St. Louis by train, heading west on the North Missouri Railroad Line to Mexico, Missouri. Their mission was to join forces with Col. Franz Sigel. When the train was about six miles west of St. Charles, the
Union troops found that they were entering an unfriendly part of the state as they began to take occasional gunfire.

Upon arriving in Wentzville in the evening, the soldiers ate supper, then proceeded down the railroad line into the dark and rainy night. About three miles west of town, the train was attacked. Soldiers turned out of the train to fight, but their attackers could not be found. After re-boarding the train, they
returned to Wentzville where the wounded were treated at the Wentzville Hotel (present site of the West Allen Grill). The main
room of the hotel was made into a temporary hospital.

The next morning, the soldiers continued their journey. Again they were attacked. After repulsing there attacks by Missouri Bushwhackers, the train was able to proceed to link up with Sigel in Mexico. The actual number wounded or killed in this engagement is unknown. Some accounts place wounded at 30
and killed at 7. Cannon balls found near the railroad tracks in the area are on display at the Wentzville Historical Society’s museum room at the Green Lantern Center.

A historic marker commemorating this event is located just west of Linn Avenue on Pearce Boulevard in Bicentennial Park.


The Hermann Civil War Reenactment will commemorate Shelby’s raid on Hermann. The event will take place on September 24 & 25 in Hermann MO The site of the event is a Civil War period 200 acre farm on the east side of Hermann which was also occupied by Gen John Marmaduke and his men during one point of the war.
It has been restored by the Dierberg Foundation.

The schedule will include:

0800 Officer’s Call
0900 Unit Drill
1000 Ladies Fashion Show
1300 Battle
1800 Officer’s Reception
1900 Grand Ball

0800 Officer’s Call
1000 Period Church Service
1100 Pay Call
1330 Battle

Breakfast Rations
Hay for Horses

Bounties will be guaranteed to the first 10-cannons registered. There will also be bounty for horses and Infantry.

The usual amenities will be provided and their will be a full schedule of activities. More information will follow. You can contact either me at or Joan Tries at

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