Confederate Escapes – 1905

September 7, 2011

The Cotton Belt Confederate Special Miraculous Escapes – 1905

The Cotton Belt Confederate
Special Has Miraculous Escape
The Fort Wayne Journal – Gazette, Wednesday Morning, June 14, 1905
Transcribed by: Tina Easley

Leaves the Rail Over Trestle and Engine and Four Coaches Go Into the Ravine
One Passenger and the Engineer and Fireman Were Killed, While Some Twenty-nine of the Passengers
Were Painfully and Seriously injured in Crash.

Albion, Ill., June 13. — Three persons were killed and twenty-nine injured in the wreck of an east-bound passenger train on the Southern railway at Golden Gate, Ill. today. The train was a cotton belt special carrying confederate veterans to the reunion at Louisville, Ky. While running at a speed of fifty miles an hour the engine struck a spread rail on a trestle twenty feet high and the engine and four coaches were overturned and fell to the ‘bottom of the ravine.’ The engine turned completely over.

The Dead
J.J. Uhles, Greenway, Ark.
J.D. Johnson, fireman, Princeton, Ind.
Otto Graetz, enginner, Princeton, Ind.

The Injured
W.C. Peeler, district passenger agent of the Cotton Belt route, Memphis, Tenn.; chest injured; will recover.

Capt. John S. Bell, Pine Bluff, Ark.; arm fractured and internally injured.

Gen. James Jordan, Pine Bluff, Ark.; seriously injured in chest and arms.

A.B. Hayes, Paragould, Ark.; injured about head.

Carrie T. Cone, Janesville, Ark.; cut about head.

Mrs. Louis McCutcheon, Campbell, Mo.; scalp wounds.

W.H. Walden, Janesville, Ark.; ear cut off.

Mrs. Maggie Gregg, Nettleton, Ark.; cut about face.

J.J. Armstrong, Jonesboro, Ark.; scalp wounds.

J.P. Needham, Needham, Ark.; injured about head and arms.

H.M. Lancaster, Paragould, Ark.; head cut and feet badley burned.

J.S. Spence, Jonesboro, Ark.; shoulder dislocated.

L.Stedman, Paragould, Ark.; eye and head cut.

Miss Kate Schmecker, Paragould, Ark., internally injured.

Joseph Schmecker,Paragould, Ark.; leg fractured.

D. Foley, Pine Bluff, Ark., hip injured.

David S. Weaver, Paragould, Ark., serious internal injuries.

J.S. Miller, Pine Bluff, Ark., head and arms slightly cut.

Alvin Baird, Huntington, Ind., seriously scalded about arms and legs.

J.M. Lyttle, Paragould, Ark., leg and arm broken.

N.C. Diner, St. Louis, Mo.

R.S. Hancock, Piggott, Ark., hands and legs badly injured.

J.M. Rogers, Jonesboro, Ark., slight internal injuries.

M. Crowley, Paragould, Ark., cut about head.

James Timer, Walcott, Ark., internal injuries.

Mrs. James Tiner, Walcott, Ark., head and arms injured.

Dr. Howell, Rector, Ark., serious internal injuries.

General Jordan, who was seriously injured about the chest and arms, was in charge of the Second Arkansas brigade. W.C. Peeler did not regard his injuries as serious and started for home by way of Olney. It was at first announced in dispatches from the scene of the wreck that he was dead, but he was able to send an early message to his family.

The train consisted of three Pullman and four coaches. Two of the sleepers derailed – but did not go over the trestle. The third sleeper remained on the track. Mos of the injured were taken to Louisville. The others were taken westward by way of Olney, Ill.

J.J. Uhles, the only passenger who was killed, was a merchant of Greenway, Ark. It was 6 o’clock this evening before the relief train arrived here with definate news of the accident. The place where the wreck occurred was twelve miles east of this place and at a spot difficult to reach by wire.

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