March 15, 1863

March 15, 2013

One hundred fifty years, ago, on March 15, 1863, Captain Eathan Allen Pinnell left his camp near Pine Bluff to tour one of Jefferson County’s scenic wonders:

In camp – slight rain A.M. – Visited Silver Lake in company with Lts. Dings, Datson, and Mulford. We spent three hours examining the western shore, and in contemplating the beauties of the lake, wich is about four miles long, and two wide. A great part of the lake is interspersed with cypress trees whose conical bases and timberless trunks give its desolate and lonely appearance, but there are sections of it entirely clear of the timber. A sight of whose clear silvery waters is quite refreshing to those who have been cooped up in camp for months. I enjoyed our visit prodigiously.

Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission

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