April 29, 1863

April 29, 2013
One hundred fifty years ago, on April 29, 1863, Charles O. Musser of the 29th Iowa Infantry, wrote home about the attitude of the army at Helena:
… I think we are doomed to Stay in this miserable town of graves and Sutler shops all Summer. i would rather run the risk of one battle than Stay here through the hot months of august and September.
If the capture of the Vicksburg fortifycations will [in] any way have a tending to end this war soon, I think the rebels, if they looked ahead, could See [it] dimly in the distance [as] their “last ditch.” If our armies in the east gained even no more than we in the west, the war would soon end. this lying befor an enemy for months and nearly years will never restore the union and end the war.
we are in for fighting to the last rather than give way to traitors and rebels. we will kill, “burn,” and destroy everything before us to gain our end. I never want to come home untill the war is ended. the rebel conscripts ar deserting by hundreds. they come into our lines everywhere. They begin to see that the old dog is dieing, and they want to come away and let him kick his last alone.

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