July 25, 1863

July 25, 2013

One hundred fifty years ago, on July 25, 1863, a report on the Federal advance down Crowley’s Ridge:

July 25, 1863—1 p.m.
Brig. Gen. J. S. MARMADUKE:
I have just returned, with my scout, from Crowley’s Ridge The enemy are advancing down the ridge on the east and west sides. A regiment camped at Dr. Cross’, 4 miles above my house, last night, on the west side, and a regiment (800 strong) reached Jonesborough, on the east side, after dark last night. The main body was to camp last night at Gainesville. I have reliable information that nine regiments of cavalry and 200 infantry and ten pieces of artillery were all that came to Bloomfield. I left Osborne’s, on the Ridge, after daylight this morning. I cannot yet ascertain about their artillery. The enemy are destroying all the corn and wheat, feeding it to their horses. I yet have two small scouts on the east side of Cache, under Captains Glenn and Cooper.
I send you this evening a Yankee prisoner (J. D. Lindsey) captured by my men on this scout. He was bearing a dispatch from Davidson to Jonesborough. You can question him when he arrives.
I am, sir, &c., your obedient servant,
Colonel Tenth Missouri Cavalry.
[P. S.]–The enemy state their destination to be Jacksonport. The pass found on the prisoner Lindsey is sent. I think he probably was a spy. Some of the Federal regiments mentioned above were very small. I have men all through the country, and will endeavor to find out their actual number. A garrison of 150 are at Chalk Bluff, Ark.

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