September 10, 1863

September 10, 2013

One hundred fifty years ago, on September 10, 1863, Thomas Barb of Dobbins’ Arkansas Cavalry wrote of the fall of Little Rock: Thursday 10th September We was ordered to saddle up last night about 2,o’clock and this morning about sun up was ordered to move. I was left on picket on the Arkansas River. There has been heavy cannonading up and down the River all morning the feds has come across they layed there pontoon Bridge last night and crossed, our battery never knew any thing of it till this morning and then it was to late we started for little Rock about 11,o’clock stoped on Bayou and dismounted and succeeded in driving them back once captureing a good many horses and some prisoners and two small pieces of Artillery then they come up with there infantry and drove us back our major [i.e., Major Samuel Corley, 1st (Dobbin’s) Arkansas Cavalry] was mortally wounded. we come through little Rock about 4,o’clock this evening and there found the whole army under a full retreat without ever giving them a general fight so the big expected fight for our capitol is come and gone and wasent nothing but a skirmish the cavalry done all the fighting

Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission

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