Civil War Roundtable of Arkansas, July, 2014 Edition


We want to thank Phillip McMath for his wonder presentation on David O. Dodd last month.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 7:00p.m. at 2nd Presbyterian Church, our speaker will be Thomas DeBlack, professor of history at Arkansas Tech University. Besides being a professor, Tom is an author and co-author of many books.

He was very instrumental in the Lakeport Plantation Project. He has enough information on Lakeport Plantation to fill a book, and that’s what he intends to do this summer, but that task has to go on his list.

DeBlack knows the ins and outs of writing a book: He’s the author of With Fire and Sword: Arkansas, 1861-1874 – a history of the Civil War and Reconstruction in Arkansas – which he pulled off a wall of bookshelves in his small office in Witherspoon Hall.

DeBlack also co-authored Arkansas: A Narrative History, a college-level textbook and a book “for the general reader,” he said. One of the other coauthors was Morris Arnold, a federal judge and “foremost expert on Colonial Arkansas.”

Both books have won awards.

DeBlack also contributed a chapter to Rugged and Sublime, a book about the Civil War.

Let us all welcome Tom Tuesday night and hear about the Conditions on the Home Front.


Minutes of June 24, 2014 Meeting

The CWRT of Arkansas met on June 24. Phillip McMath was the speaker. His topic was David O. Dodd and he presented an excellent talk, complete with original and previously unknown sources of information.

(a) We took in $31 at the meeting.

(b) There was a request that any member who is currently receiving his newsletter by mail, if possible, convert to e-mail.

(c) I, as acting secretary, have written several regional Civil War Roundtables and will attempt to write additional CWRT’s and notify them of the change of address.

(d) Art English has agreed to all each speaker and remind him/her of the upcoming meeting.

(e) Several potential future speakers were identified, including Arkansas State Archeologist (870) 535-4509, Other potential speakers are Tom Ezell, Drew Hodges and Bobby Roberts.

(f) Glen Schwarz joined the CWRT officially.

Meeting was adjourned.

Civil War History for the month of July

July 1, 2, 3, 1863 Battles of Gettysburg

July 4, 1863 Vicksburg surrenders

July 5, 1801 Adm. David G. Farragut, U.S. born

July 7, 1862 the action at Hill’s Plantation ended in Union victory

July 8, 1864 approximately 250 soldiers of 10th Ill. Cavalry moved out of Little Rock to occupy Searcy

July 9, 1863 Port Hudson surrenders

July 12, 1862 Albert Pike resigned from his position in the Conf. Army to protest Gen. Thomas Hindman’s extension of his authority over Indian Territory

July 13, 1821 General Nathan B. Forrest, C.S. born

July 13, 1861 Union forces secure West Virginia

July 13, 1862 first battle of Murfreesboro

July 14, 1862 Hot Springs ended its tenure as Arkansas’ State Capitol

July 18, 1863 Battle of Ft. Wagner

July 20, 1861 Company B, First Arkansas Mounted Volunteers, transferred into Confederate Service

July 21, 1861 first Battle of Bull Run

July 21, 1861 The First Arkansas Infantry participated under Colonel James Fleming Fagan

July 22, 1864 Battle of Atlanta

July 26, 1864 the action at Wallace’s Ferry ended in a draw

July 27, 1864 Confederates reportedly took almost 127 prisoners after attacking a Union camp at Massard Prairie

July 28, 1864 a skirmish was fought at Scatterville, AR, (near present day Rector, Clay County)

July 29, 1862 “Alabama” sails out of England

July 30, 1864 Battle of the Crater

July 31, 1864 the action at Ft. Smith ended in Union victory

(from Legends in Gray Calendar, 2014 and The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture calendar, 2011)

Hope to see all Tuesday night for a wonderful program
FYI: Ron Kelley has written a book on 1860 Arkansas. Hopefully he will bring copies when he will be our speaker in March, 2015.


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