Civil War Roundtable of Arkansas, April, 2015, Edition

Many thanks to our March speaker, Ron Kelly. It was a wonderful program on the Battle of Helena.

Minutes, March 24, 2014 meeting
In the absence of our President, Jan Sarna, Lonnie Spikes moderated the March meeting.

A Quorum was declared.

Treasurer,Brian Brown, reported that we have $2,551 in the bank.

Motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the January minutes.

There was no new business or unfinished business.

Lonnie Spikes introduced our speaker, Ron Kelly.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 at 7:00p.m. at 2nd Presbyterian Church. Our speaker will be Steve Purdue from the Saline County Library. He’s talk will be on Fagan and Crawford, Saline County’s Own.

Have You Paid Your Dues
Below is a list of everyone that have paid their 2015 dues. If you have not paid your dues, you may either bring you money to the April meeting or send in your payment of $20.00 to:
C/O Brian Brown
Laser Law Firm
101 S. Spring St.
Ste. 300
Little Rock, AR 72201

Here are the ones that have paid their 2015 dues. If you have paid your dues and your name is not on this list, please let us know:
Pat Johnson
Ken & Brenda Ziegenfielder
Robert & Nell Lynford
Richard Brannon
David & Marian Hodges
Joe T. Clements, Jr.
Norman Savers
Jan Sarna
Kent Shreeve
Don Curdie
Jack Perciful
Craig Filliam
Phillip & Sherrell Snodgrass
Don Hamilton
Lonnie & Jane Anne Spikes
Brian Brown
Christopher P. & Linda K Bills
David F. Gruenewald
Gerald & Jacqueline Senn
Bruce & Marsha Gaudette
Bill Adams
Henry Lyle Rogers
Sanford Wilbourn
Mary Evans

Note from the Butler Center
“We’re please to announce that Butler Center for Arkansas Studies has just reprinted Calvin Collier’s classic study of the Third Arkansas Regiment-“They’ll Do the Tie To!: The story of Hood’s Arkansas Toothpicks.” Originally published in 1959 and now out of print, this new edition has a Forward by Mark Christ of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. Thanks and kind regards. Ron Lorenzen, Manager, Butler Center Publishing.”

Civil War History for the month of April
1,1864-The Action at Fitzhugh’s Woods was fought as Union forces ventured from LR to Woodruff Co.
2,1864-The Skirmishs at Okolona, which spanned 2 days of fighting in Clark Co., began
3,1864-The Engagement at Elkin’s Ferry. A 2 day period of fighting in Clark & Nevada Co. began
4,1864-Conf. Brg. Gen. John Marmaduke resumed his assault on Union forces at Elkin’s Ferry, failed
6,1862-Battle of Shiloh
7,1862-Battle of Shiloh
9,1865-Lee surrenders at Appomattox Courthouse
10,1806-Gen. Leonidas Polk, C.S., born
11,1864-The Skirmish at Prairie D’Ane ended in Union victory, though it proved the turning point of the Union’s failed Camden Expedition
12,1861-Conf. fire on Ft. Sumter
14,1865-President Abraham Lincoln assassinated
15, 1862 The AR Conf. congressional delegation requested that Pres. Davis return AR forces to AR
16, 1863 Conf. Brig. Gen. Wlm Cabell’s cavalry, left Ozark with a mission to attach the Fed. command at Fayetteville
17, 1863-Maj. Gen. John Marmaduke’s fighting withdrawal from his second Missouri raid began
18,1864-Isaac Murphy was inaugurated as AR 8th governor, having been chosen in Jan. as the provisional Gov. by parts of the state until Union control
19,1862-Battle of South Mills
23,1861-Ft. Smith came under control of the Confederate Army
26,1865-The only photo of the doomed steamship, Sultana, was taken during a short stop at Helena
27,1822-Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, U.S., born
27, 1865-The overloaded Sultana exploded on the Mississippi River killing est. 1,800. Mostly Union soldiers released from Confederate prisons at war’s end
29,1864-John Marmaduke’s troops began skirmishing with the Federal Rear Guard of Brig. Gen. Frederick Salomon’s Division at Jenkin’s Ferry
29,1862-New Orleans surrenders to Union
(from Legends in Gray Calendar, 2014 and The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture calendar, 2011)


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