Civil War Roundtable of Arkansas, May, 2015 Edition

Many thanks to our April speaker, Steve Perdue, Head of Genealogy and local history from the Department of the Saline County Library, on Fagan & Crawford, Saline County’s own.

Our speaker for our May 26th meeting will be Vernon Dutton about the 3rd Arkansas.

Civil War History for the month of May
1 & 2, 1863, Battle of Chancellorsville
1, 1863, The 1st AR Volunteers of African descent were mustered into service
3, 1864m Gen. Frederick Steele crossed the Saline River to reach LR after evacuating Camden
5, 1864, Battle of Wilderness begins
5, 1861, Jackson Guard formed at Jacksonport as part of 1st AR Infantry Regiment
6, 1861, Arkansas secedes
6, 1861, Davis approves state of war between US & CS
8, 1862, Battle of McDowell, VA
10, 1863, “Stonewall” Jackson dies
11, 1865, Majority of AR active soldiers surrendered with Gen. M. Jeff Thompson
12, 1864, Battle of “Bloody Angle” at Spotsylvania Courthouse
12, 1863, Skirmish at Taylor’s Creek end with Confederate victory
13, 1861, Military board met in LR to organize the state for war after secession
15, 1864, Battle of New Market, VA
16, 1863, Battle of Champion’s Hill
17, 1864, Confederate forces captured at Dardanelle
18, 1863, Siege of Vicksburg begins
19, 1863, Action at Whitney’s Lane ended in Confederate victory
20, 1861, North Carolina secedes
20, 1861, Arkansas formally admitted to Confederate States of America
23, 1861, Virginia secedes
25, 1862, Battle of Winchester
27, 1861, Citizens of Pilot Hill, now Salem, organized 108 home guards to protect local citizens
28, 1818, Gen. Pierce G. T. Beauregard, born
28, 1863, First Black regiment, 54th Mass, leaves Boston
31, 1863, Battle of Fair Oaks, VA
(from Legends in Gray Calendar, 2014 and The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture calendar, 2011)

Minutes, April 28, 2015 meeting
Meeting was called to order by President, Jan Sarna.

Quorum was declared.

Motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes from the March meeting.

Motion was made, seconded, and passed to donate $100.00 in the memory of Allen Elsworth, Jr. to the Civil War Preservation Trust.

Treasurer reported that he had not received the bank statement but we should have est. #3,161.64 in the bank.

President, Jan Sarna introduced the speaker, Steve Perdue.

Reminder that Ft. Lincoln will be Saturday, May 2nd.
Our next meeting will be Tuesday, May, 26, 2015 at 7:000p.m. at 2nd Presbyterian Churc

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