Civil War Roundtable of Arkansas, August, 2015 Edition

We are back to our normal meeting place, 2nd Presbyterian Church, on the 4th Tuesday of August (August 25th) Mark Christ will be talking on the book, “The Day We Marched Agin Jacob Haas and the Ninth Wisconsin Infantry”. Mark will bring extra copies of this book so you may want to bring a few extra dollars with you.

Jan Sarna, our president, receives the monthly newsletter from the New York Civil War Round Table. In this month’s publications, there was an interesting paragraph. I am going to paraphrase, this is something we all need to think about.

The purpose of the Round Table is for you to enjoy being with your friends and colleagues who share your passion, your interest, and your excitement about the Civil War! Please make plans, right now, to come to as many monthly meetings as you can. We meet the 4th Tuesday from January through November. We do not meet in December. Make an even stronger commitment to the Round Table and bring a friend, colleague, and/or family member that shares your same passion.


Many thanks to Glen Schwarz for filling in at the last minute last month.


Civil War History for the month of August

1, 1864, Powell Clayton, future gov. of AR, promoted to brigadier gen. in the Union Army

2, 1862, skirmish at Jonesboro ended in Conf. victory

3, 1862 skirmish at L’Anguille Ferry ended in Conf. victory

5, 1864, Battle of Mobile Bay

6, 1862, the CSS AR was abandoned and scuttled after unsuccessfully engaging the Union Essey near Baton Rouge, LA

9, 1962, Battle of Cedar Mountain

10, 1861, Battle of Wilson’s Creek

11, 1862, Lincoln appoints Henry Halleck to position of general in chief of Union Army

12, 1864, after a week of heavy raiding, the Conf. cruiser, Tallahassee, claims 6 Union ships captured

13, 1862, Gen. Forrest defeats Thomas Crittenden at Murfreesboro, TN

16, 1861, Union & Conf. forces clash at Fredericktown and Kirkville, MO

16, 1863, Gen. William Rosecrans moves him army south from Tullahoma, TN to attack Conf. forces at Chattanooga, TN

17, 1863, Union gun boats attack Ft. Sumter in Charleston for the first time

18, 1862, Gen J.E.B. Stuart’s headquarters is raided by Union troops of the 5th NY and 1st MI Cavalries

21, 1863, Conf. raiders under William Quantrill, strike Lawrence, KS leaving 150 civilians dead

23, 1863, Union batteries cease their first bombardment of Ft. Sumter leaving it a mass of rubble but still unconquered

24, 1864, the action at Ashley’s Station ended in Conf. victory

25, 1863, the skirmish at Brownsville ended in Union victory

26, 1862, Conf. Gen. Thomas Jackson seizes Manassas Junction, and moves to encircle Union forces under John Pope

27, 1863, the action at Bayou Meto was fought to hinder the advance of army toward L.R.

28, 1861, Ft. Hatteras falls

29, 1862, Union Gen. John Pope’s army is defeated by a smaller Conf. force at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run

30, 1862, at the Battle of Richmond, KY, Pat Cleburne was struck in the face by shrapnel and forced to leave the field

31, 1864, at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, Gen, George B. McClellan is nominated for president

(from Legends in Gray Calendar, 2014 and The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture calendar, 2011)

Minutes, July 28, 2015 meeting

Meeting was called to order by President, Jan Sarna.

Quorum was declared.

Treasurer reported that we have $3,081.64 in the bank.

We had 2 new visitors, Claude McDaniel and Terrance Howard

Update on markers, the grounds need mowing.

Motion was made, seconded and passed to get a commemorative plaque for Bobby Roberts, who is retiring from Central Arkansas Library System in February, 2016, for Civil War history from CWRT of Arkansas. Jan Sarna will get in touch with an awards company and get prices and suggestions and report back at the August meeting.

Many thanks to Glen Schwarz for arranging our meeting at Catfish City and for filling in for Brian Brown

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 7p.m. at 2nd Presbyterian Church.

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